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We have had a lot of questions about what “Accreditation” means as of lately. Once a school becomes “Accredited” that means that they are allowed to accept and request Title 4 Funding. Title 4 is another term for Federal Financial Aid. The State Board of Cosmetology allows a school to become Accredited within 5 years of the initial enrolled class start date. This has nothing to do with providing hours to you and/or you becoming licensed. This just means that we can not offer financial aid to our students until we become accredited. 

We are currently working diligently to gain our accreditation however there are many steps required to achieve accreditation, and usually takes up to 2 years to achieve after the school is open.


Chrome's current status with NACCAS - Accredited 

With that being said, we are working with several banks who are offering our students discounted rates on personal and student loans, that are actually better rates then what Title 4 is offering.

The in-house options are as follows:

*Pay in full via cash, check or credit card (Credit card payment may be subject to a 3.5% fee).


*Pay via our interest free payment plan. (Make an initial down payment to cover the cost of your kit, and then pay the balance of your tuition in interest free payments each month over the contracted attendance time).

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Accreditation and Financial Options

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